How You Can Get The Perfect Teeth and Smile In 5 Easy Steps

Even though we use our teeth on a daily basis and many of our friends know how our teeth look, we might still feel ashamed for imperfections and this could cause a lack of smiling.

The smile has been proven to be one of the best ways to show friendliness and just to lighten the overall mood between people.

However, how to get perfect teeth is not always that easy, but it is still possible with the right steps.

We have decided to do the legwork and find the steps available that can be used to improve your teeth and what you should be doing to have the great smile.

5 Simple Steps to Have A Perfect Smile and Perfect Teeth

We all love smiling and smiling has been scientifically proven to not only lighten the mood and also make you look more friendly.

If you are feeling a little ashamed of any imperfections in your teeth, these steps will teach you how to make your teeth perfect and give you the confidence to enjoy showing off your teeth the next time you are looking to impress someone.

1. Brush your teeth twice daily

Closeup on young woman brushing teeth

We are sure you have been told repeatedly about the importance about the important of brushing your teeth, but brushing your teeth twice daily will remove much of the plaque buildup food particles that might be left after eating.


If you are struggling to keep your teeth white, an old natural remedy of mixing turmeric with coconut oil and baking powder to create a paste, is an effective way to remove the yellow colouring that might form on your teeth from poor oral hygiene.

This can be used first thing in the morning and the combination will not only help strengthen your teeth but remove some of the common stains as well.

When it comes to selecting your toothpaste, the best option is going for brands that use organic ingredients.

Fluoride has a proven record of cleaning teeth effectively as well. The only downside to fluoride is that it has been linked to some health problems in people when overused.

2. Select your toothbrush carefully

Having the wrong toothbrush can be harmful to your teeth and gums.

Should you choose one that is a little too hard for your gums, the brushing process can be that much more painful and therefore you're more likely to skip this step.

When selecting your toothbrush, you should try to include a tongue scraper as well as much of the dirt is found on the tongue.

The general recommendation is also that you should replace your toothbrush every three months, but this can be done sooner and the moment the brush area starts splitting to the sides, it should be replaced for a more effective brushing experience.

3. Consider a good toothpaste and mouthwash

The debate is still high on whether to choose fluoride toothpaste or the fluoride-free option.

Both of these are effective, but the fluoride toothpaste will be a little more effective at removing the plaque from your teeth. But as mentioned above there has been speculation that fluoride may cause health issues.

If you do consider choosing the fluoride free toothpaste, we recommend that you consider having a fluoride mouthwash to rinse your mouth.

This will not only help with bad breath sprouting from the stomach but also clean the missed areas that the brush cannot reach.

4. Floss regularly

Women Cleaning Healthy White Teeth, Flossing Using Floss.

The combination of brushing and rinsing might sound like the perfect combination, but since the brush can’t always reach everywhere, flossing can be a good addition to your oral hygiene routine.

The mouthwash is effective, but cannot remove stubborn food particles from between the teeth.

Flossing, on the other hand, will put the power and the force in your hands and you could decide how much force to apply when it comes to effectively cleaning your teeth.

When it comes to flossing, it is also recommended that you floss twice daily.

This can be done directly before brushing your teeth to ensure that the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. However, many people only believe in flossing before going to bed to remove any stubborn food particle before sleeping.

5. Visit the dentist

Dentist with mirror

The dreaded dentist appointment is something that most people try and avoid, the longer it is postponed, the more painful, and expensive the problems can become.

Nevertheless, having a professional checkup is a great way to ensure that your oral hygiene is on par and you are not left with any untreated tooth problems.

We understand that the dentist is always an intimidating place to visit, but rather be safe than sorry.

Visiting the dentist also has the possibility of saving you some money as problems can now be detected before they worsen and they can also be resolved without damaging any other tooth or aggravating the problem.

Final Thoughts

With the good oral hygiene, you should have the perfect smile in no time.

These steps should help you on your way to having the white smile that could make everyone envious.

We would also like to recommend that you look for the best products you can afford and are comfortable with as this makes the process that much easier.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to share your thoughts on these steps and let us know in the comment section if you have any additional tips.

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