The Best Teeth Whitening Strips – That Actually Work

There’s a wide range of choices for a person looking to whiten their teeth, and teeth whitening strips are among the first products a person considers.

They’re definitely better than whitening toothpaste, but are they good enough to justify the cost and time spent?

We took a look at some of the best teeth whitening strips on the market and have some good news for you.

Why Strips?

Before we get to what we think are the best crest whitening strips, we want you, dear reader, to know a little more about them and why people choose to use them when there are other, more expensive, but also more effective choices available.


The first reason, obviously, is they do work. The best dental whitening strips will get your teeth whiter than whitening toothpaste, but they will be less effective than professional whitening procedures.

Yes, they can be fiddly to mess with, and if you don’t align them right your teeth can look striped.

But they work and they won’t break the bank, which brings us to sunny point number two.


While costing considerably more than whitening toothpaste, whitening strips for teeth are fairly inexpensive compared to in-office whitening procedures. Most options can be had for less than 50 bucks, which is reasonable.

Spending much more than that on whitening strips might not be the best choice because that’s getting into the price range of at-home teeth whitening kits, which do a better job than strips.

But as long as you’re staying under 50 bucks and you’re getting a reliable brand, you’re in the right price zone.


Face it, strips are easy. No messing about with moldable trays or syringes full of bleaching agents and LEDs or even going to the dentist.

Just slap them on, wait as long as you have to and you’re done. No muss, no fuss and whiter teeth to boot.

How The Best Teeth
Whitening Strips Work

How They Wor

Unlike tray whitening kits, which require the user to put the whitening gel or agent into the tray and then apply them to their teeth, whitening strips already have the gel applied to the strips.

The user simply peels the backing away and presses them against their teeth. Scientific miracles take place as saliva mixes with and activates the whitening agent.

Some strips need to be peeled off when they are done (usually after 30 minutes) while some simply dissolve away.

Either way, it’s a simple way of whitening teeth at home.

However, because they are so easy and the results are relatively instantaneous, some people overdo it. Like, a lot. As most things medicinal, a little goes a long way.

Despite the claims of the marketing arms of multinational conglomerates, it is unlikely to get rid of the results of bad dental and dietary habits from the past decade in a few attempts.

Following the company’s recommendations is a good idea, but consulting with a dentist is an even better one. Some of the treatments may dry out the enamel of the users’ teeth, leaving them more vulnerable until they are able to rehydrate or remineralize.

By continually using whitening strips, damage could be done, leaving the user with darker teeth than what they started with.

​The Reality

The Realit

Whitening strips can be a quick fix. Easy to use, no complicated lights or syringes. But that convenience comes with a cost. (For a full guide to the costs of teeth whitening click here)

As mentioned before, using them too much can damage your teeth.

A pack of whitening strips, which would be used over a number of days, while inexpensive, gets close to the cost of a full-on at-home whitening tray kit.

Yes, the strips are easier.

But they rarely will do as good of a job as quickly as at-home kits with trays and LEDs.

If you’re looking to try it out, then by all means go ahead and use them. A quick touchup before a night out or a big meeting? Great. Using strips as your go-to whitening solution? Probably not the best of ideas.

But beware of the easiness — as mentioned before, it can become slightly addictive. Most whitening treatments will darken teeth slightly a few days after the treatment.

With the convenience of strips, it can be all too easy to just pop on another strip until you’re using them multiple times a week and spending a lot of money on the habit. 

At that point, it would have been faster, cheaper, more effective, and safer to go spend a chunk of money at a dentist for professional-level whitening that would last longer.

​Our Top 3 Picks for Teeth Whitening Strips

Our Top 3 Picks for Teeth Whitening Strip

Here you'll find teeth whitening strip reviews on the top choices in the Australian market so you can make an informed decision before purchasing the best teeth whitening at home products available. In no particular order (we’ll tell you our favourite later), here are three top whitening strips for you.

Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips

CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips

OralB 3D White Whitestrips

Product Image

Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips
CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips
OralB 3D White Whitestrips





Company Recommend

Daily use for up to three weeks

Daily use for up to three weeks

Daily use for up to two weeks

Time to Keep in Mouth

30 Minutes

10 Minutes

30 Minutes

Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips

Boy, that name is a mouthful. Sorry for the pun, but seriously. Luckily, Crest backs up the enormous name with a rather effective product. How effective?

​Some companies won’t ship them without having a quick chat with the buyer, both to alert them of the real dangers of overuse as well as to the concerns of becoming addicted to the use of whitening strips.

Crest markets their product as 25 times more effective than the leading whitening toothpaste.

​As you can see elsewhere on this site, that’s not much of a claim. But unlike most whitening toothpastes, the 3D White Luxe strips do contain actual peroxide gel as the whitening agent.

What is nice about these strips is they do a fairly good job of conforming to your teeth and not sliding around as they do their work.

Crest even claims you can drink water while you whiten your teeth, which we never thought of as an issue, but apparently some do.

The company recommends daily use for up to three weeks. All that bleaching can cause sensitivity, so users should use their best judgement. The best whitening strips for sensitive teeth shouldn't cause the user much pain.

Crest claims you can remove up to 14 years of staining by following their program, but that’s a pretty big claim to swallow.

The biggest drawback of the Crest strips?

Price. A box of 20 strip sets will cost as much as or more than one of the popular at-home whitening kits.

If you’re set on using strips and want the maximum effect, then Crest might be a good choice for you. But at that price you might also want to consider some other options.

CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips

CleverWhite has a nice idea: instead of needing to peel off the adhesive strip after it’s been in your mouth for 30 minutes, their strips simply dissolve away. No muss, no fuss, just whiter teeth and for about a third of the price of the Crest strips.

Like the other choices on our list, CleverWhite uses hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent to get the user their desired whiter teeth. The process lasts for 10 minutes and then you’re done. The instructions that come with the box are clear and explain everything well.

There is little to not like here except for two drawbacks: 10 minutes isn’t much time, especially when the percentage of hydrogen peroxide is regulated to below 6%. That would necessitate quite a few applications to achieve much whitening.

The other problem:

​Some people might not appreciate the ease of use and would rather simply remove the strip instead of having it dissolve away and go into their stomach or body.

However, if you don’t have a problem with that last point, CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips are an attractive option at this price, even with the concern for little effect due to the short usage time.

OralB 3D White Whitestrips

The last choice on our list comes from OralB. Like the Crest, they’re a stick-on and peel-off option. Like the others on the list, they use hydrogen peroxide.

They cost about halfway between the Crest and CleverWhite strips. But how do they work?

Quite well, in fact. OralB recommends 30 minutes per application once or twice a day, for the best white strips for teeth whitening, promising to remove 10 years of staining in a month with visible results in five days. Those are pretty big claims but most users seem to be happy with the results.


While they aren’t as expensive as the Crest strips, the price is getting close to at-home whitening kit territory.

And we have to wonder at what damage is being done to one’s teeth by putting a bleaching agent on them once or twice a day, every day, for a full month. That’s a lot of leaching of minerals from one’s enamel.

Still, if you’re in the market and want to try them out, like the others on this list, OralB’s offering wouldn’t be a bad choice.

​Our Best Pick for Teeth Whitening Strips

Our Best Pick for Teeth Whitening Strip

​Okay, we’ve reached the end, and the winner is…

OralB’s 3D White Whitestrips.

Why? Price is likely the biggest factor. 


While CleverWhite is cheaper, the amount of time the product is actually on the teeth leaves it little time to do its job.


Crest may be stronger, but the price is on the high side of reasonable.


OralB, like baby bear’s porridge chair and bed, looks to be just right.




Oral-B 3D White Whitestrips

​OralB 3D White Whitestrips

Grants Extra Fresh Toothpast

There you have it. If you’re looking for the best teeth whitener strips in Australia, give OralB 3D White Whitestrips a shot. If they work, then fantastic. You’ve found a winner.

If they don’t, then you’re not out a huge amount of money and you can throw in the towel and buy a more effective treatment.

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