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At-home whitening kits to make your pearly whites shine again have come a long way in the past few years. Now it’s quite easy to get near-professional whitening from the comfort of your own home by picking up one of the many whitening kits around. But with this recent surge in popularity comes a problem: Which kit do you choose? Have no fear, we’ve waded through the muck of all the teeth whitening kit reviews to come out the other side with our recommendations for the top five home teeth whitening kits you can get today.

Similarities between Your Choices

The first thing you need to realize is that many, if not most, of the home teeth whitening kits operate in the same way: you put whitening gel inside a tooth tray and press that tray against your teeth for a specified period of time. Usually there is an LED to strengthen the effect.

In a nutshell, all home teeth whitening kits offer a similar product. However, inside those basic parameters, there is a wide variety of choices: type of peroxide used, amount of gel supplied, tray design, number of trays, etc.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re all the same quality, though. Some are good, some are not so good and some aren’t worth your time. The kits we outline here are the top choices available now. While others may be okay, this is one area where you don’t want to just grab any old thing and give it a go. Spending time to educate yourself and make an informed decision is the best thing you can do for your chompers. And your pocketbook.

Considerations When Shopping for Teeth Whitening Kits

There are a variety of features to take into consideration when shopping for home teeth whitening kits that you might not be aware of. But you’re in luck. Listed below are the major things you’ll need to think about when shopping. Time to study!


This is a common part of most whitening kits that wasn’t found only a few years ago. Why the change? Marketing, for one. But more importantly, they accelerate the teeth whitening process. You’ll get whiter teeth faster by using an LED than by not using one. Plus, since LED do not emit much heat, they will not heat up the pulp of your teeth, potentially limiting the pain that can be caused by some teeth whitening processes.

Number of Trays

Most kits will offer trays for your teeth. The standard procedure is to put the whitening gel into the tray then put the tray against your teeth, holding it in place by biting down on it. Pretty simple.

You’ll want to get a kit that offers moldable trays. Why? Because the other options are either rather expensive or too damn cheap. Some places may offer custom-fitted trays, but those are likely going to price themselves out of most people’s pocketbooks. Other places will offer one-size-fits-all trays. Avoid those because ‘one-size-fits-all’ usually means ‘one-size-fits-most’ and too many people find themselves outside the ‘most’ category.

Moldable trays offer a comfortable fit from the ease of your home. Many kits will offer multiple trays in case you lose them or mess up the molding of the first one or two.

Here’s the thing: you’re putting a chemical bleaching agent into your mouth. Doing so with a tray that doesn’t fit is a quick trip to red, painful chemical burns on your gums. Get something that’s going to fit your teeth and mouth, even if it costs a little more. You’ll be thankful you did.

Amount of Whitening Agent

Most home teeth whitening kits recommend several applications over a period of time. This is because the gel itself is regulated by law to be not as strong as what is used at the dentist’s office. Therefore, because the gel is weaker, you’ll need to do it more than once.

By purchasing a kit that has a larger amount of gel, you’ll be setting yourself up for more teeth whitening in the future. It’s just a smarter purchase.

Peroxide Used and Percentages: As mentioned before, the percentage of the peroxide used in over-the-counter teeth whitening kits is regulated by law. Six percent hydrogen peroxide and 18% carbamide peroxide is the maximum vendors can legally sell.

Now, don’t get all excited about the carbamide peroxide being a greater number. During the whitening process, carbamide peroxide will break down into hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals, so the amount of hydrogen peroxide hitting your teeth is roughly the same.

The kits that doctors provide offer greater percentages of peroxide because, like most things, doctors are able to prescribe stronger doses of most medicinal products than are available at your local pharmacy. However, the companies get around this with frequency: while a doctor-supplied kit may only require five dosage to get your teeth where you want them, an over-the-counter kit will require daily dosages for up to two weeks. Your teeth will still get to the same whiteness, you’ll just be taking more time to get there.


That brings us to the final consideration when purchasing at-home teeth whitening kits: Can you follow directions? More explicitly, can you sit through the 30 minutes or so every day for two weeks (or whatever the manufacturer recommends) to get your teeth as white as possible?

Read the box. Read the instructions as much as you can before you buy. Some kits require multiple hours per day for a week, some are 30 minutes a day for two weeks. Each one varies and you’ll get the best results by adhering to what the manufacturer advises. Just make sure you’ve got the time and the willpower to go through with it. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money.

Reviews of the Top 5 Teeth Whitening Kits

Okay, here they are: the top 5 teeth whitening kits we found for you. If you’re going to spend your money, you might as well grab one of these: they’re the best you’re gonna find.

Pearly Whites

  • Regimen: 45 minutes once a week for four weeks, then as needed.
  • Gel: 3x3 ml syringes of 18% Carbamide Peroxide gel.
  • Tray: 2 moldable with storage case.
  • LED: yes.
  • Extras: 1x3 ml syringe desensitizing gel, colour chart.

Pearly Whites is on the expensive side for the teeth whitening kits available, to be honest. Their standard kit available on their website runs just over $100. While not unreasonable, it’s a bit high for a company that is fairly new.

That being said, they provide a quality product that works. The standard kit comes with 9 ml of whitening gel, two moldable trays with a case, an LED, one 3 ml syringe of desensitizing gel and a colour matching chart to see how much whiter your teeth are getting.

Two trays are all that’s required, but if you lose one or mess up when molding it, you’ll be shopping for new ones. Not a big deal, just that other outfits offer more. Another thing: they’re touting the high percentage of peroxide in their gel, but since its carbamide peroxide, it will break down to about 6% hydrogen peroxide anyway. Just wanted to shed some light on a marketing trick.

If you’re interested in Pearly Whites (and you should be because, despite our criticisms, they’re pretty good), here’s a quick video review of the process and experience one person had using Pearly Whites teeth whitening kit:

And it may be a simple thing, but Pearly Whites have a (somewhat cheesy) video showing the entire process from opening the kit to molding the tray to putting the gel in and inserting the LED. For visual learners, it’s better than a list of instructions.

gogo Smile

  • Regimen: 15 minutes daily for up to two weeks.
  • Gel: 4x3 ml syringes of hydrogen peroxide gel.
  • Tray: three moldable (no storage case).
  • LED: yes.
  • Extras: 1x3 ml syringe desensitizing gel, colour chart, free express shipping inside Australia.

Another newcomer to the teeth whitening industry, gogo Smile offers a kit that is similar to the Pearly Whites kit but has some nice additions.

First up is the amount of gel you get — 12 ml of whitening gel as opposed to Pearly White’s 9 ml. That’s quite a bit more and gogo Smile says it’ll last you for up to 20 applications.

Second is the extra moldable tooth tray, just in case you mess up molding the first one or lose one down the line.

Third — free express shipping. That’s a pretty big perk that shouldn’t be dismissed.

gogo Smile (yes, it’s spelled like that) may be a newcomer, but they’re offering a good product at a nice price with some decent extras. The only detraction we could find is they don’t state the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel, although it is likely 6% being that is the legal limit.

Brighter White

  • Regimen: 30–60 minutes daily for up 14 days.
  • Gel: 3x3 ml syringes of whitening gel.
  • Tray: three moldable with storage case.
  • LED: yes.
  • Extras: 1x3 ml syringe desensitizing gel, colour chart.

Brighter White is a popular brand. Part of their popularity is a brilliant bit of marketing — they have a seven-day challenge where people can win 50 bucks by entering a competition to show how much their teeth have changed in seven days. Since this prize money pretty much covers the price of the basic kit, it’s a good plan for the company.

But how does the whitening kit work? Honestly, it’s just as good as the other options we list here. Brighter White will do a good job of whitening your teeth if you follow the directions.

However, there we have a few quibbles with them: they don’t list what whitening agent they use (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide), they don’t list the percentages (although they’re likely at legal limits) and the recommended limit of use is hidden deeply on their site. While it may be clear in their instructions they provide with the product, it took some digging to see they recommend a maximum of 60 minutes per day for up to 14 days. Not a big deal, but it is important that people know what they’re getting and what they should or should not do with it.

Brighter White has some good deals on their value packs, so if you’re looking to get a lot of whitening gel for down the road, take a look at what they have to offer. Some of the kits also include a whitening pen, if you’re interested in that.

Whiter Smile

  • Regimen: no indication given on website, likely up to an hour per day for two weeks, then as needed.
  • Gel: 2x10 ml syringes of Carbamide Peroxide gel (you choose the strength when ordering).
  • Tray: three moldable with storage case.
  • LED: Yes.
  • Extras: 1x10 ml syringe desensitizing gel, whitening pen.

Whiter Smile has been in the teeth whitening field for over 10 years, which is a bit of a comfort. They offer a number of products, but their most popular one is their Premium Home Whitening Kit. It has numerous elements in common with other kits, but there are some clear differences that should be discussed.

Whiter Smile uses carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent, but they have an intriguing choice: the user can choose which strength when they order. Most outfits will provide only one level and it’s usually the strongest legally available. If you know you have sensitive teeth, Whiter Smile might be a good choice because you can choose between 10%, 16% and 18% carbamide peroxide. There is little difference between 16% and 18%, but the 10% option is nice for people with overly sensitive or damaged teeth.

Next, Whiter Smile uses 10 ml syringes instead of the typical 3ml syringes. Why? They claim carbamide peroxide is more stable over time than other whitening agents. Sounds good, and if you’re doing daily whitening sessions, it might be easier to deal with one syringe than many. The desensitizing gel (they call it remineralizing gel) also comes in a 10 ml syringe, providing the user with about triple the amount other kits provide.

Finally, they include a whitening pen in the kit, which is a nice feature for the quick touchup here and there. While it’s not an expensive item, it’s a thoughtful touch.

Our biggest complaint with White Smile is the same as with Brighter White — no clear indication of how long it takes per session or how many sessions they recommend.

With prices equivalent to most other kits on the market, Whiter Smile is an intriguing option, especially if you know you’ve got sensitive teeth but still want them to get whiter than they currently are.

Advanced Whitening

  • Regimen: 10–15 minutes twice a day, repeating as directed by a dentist.
  • Gel: one whitening pen with 6% hydrogen peroxide gel (unknown quantity).
  • Tray: one (likely moldable, but not stated).
  • LED: yes.
  • Extras: none.

Does the idea of juggling multiple syringes make you feel a bit like a junkie? Want something simple and easy to use? Advanced Whitening’s kit might be the one for you. Instead of multiple syringes, they use a whitening pen that brushes gel onto your teeth before you insert the joined mouth guard and LED.

Honestly, it’s a tricky little setup that stands out simply because it’s different than the other options on the market. It’s pricier than many other kits when simply looking at the numbers (number of mouth guards, amount of gel, etc.) Since it’s got the legal limit of 6% hydrogen peroxide, you’re not going to find anything stronger. Additionally, the hydrogen peroxide will cut down on the time needed to use the system because you’re not waiting for the carbamide peroxide to break down into hydrogen peroxide. The only real downside we see with the system? The single tray. Yes, it attaches to the LED light so in theory it should be more difficult to misplace. But a second tray shouldn’t be that hard to include in ht package without raising the price much.

Back on the positive side, the other thing we like about Advanced Whitening is they clearly and explicitly state you should speak to a dentist about how often to use your whitening kit. Many other places hide that in the fine print, but it is clearly stated on Advanced Whitening’s website. A nice touch.

Our Top Pick

If we had to choose just one to use, we’d likely choose the gogo Smile teeth whitening kit. We could never get the moldable mouth guards for sports right the first time back in high school, and we doubt anything’s changed, so it’s nice to have an extra in their kit. gogo Smile offers free express shipping, has good prices and their value pack is a great deal.

Runner up would be the Advanced Whitening’s kit. We like the simplicity they offer with just a whitening pen instead of multiple syringes, despite their inclusion of only one tray.

Give It a Shot

Honestly, if you’re this far into the whole ‘which kit should I choose’ question you should stop reading all the teeth whitening kit reviews: just pick one and order it. Most are about the same price as a nice dinner for a group of four, so it’s not going to break the bank. If you’re looking to get your teeth whiter, there really is no greater bang for the buck than at-home teeth whitening kits. Just swing back by and tell us which one you got and how it turned out. Good luck!

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